Re-Consult Wealth Manager empower and educate you about the various financial aspects and tools where by you understand before choosing right investment vehicle for you. Our private-Wealth management services includes comprehensive financial planning, Estate Planning & Tax Planning. We understand your current investment and financial position and your future goals. We analysis your risk apatite and life stage and design a balanced and right port folio for you.

Our Wealth Management provide Specialize service for you with dedicated support from Re-Consult Wealth Manager and advisory team who ensure steady growth of your wealth creation and further wealth protection.

Wealth Management Services : Our private-wealth Management team help our valuable HNI clients to design the effective and right portfolio with personalize door-step service. We look after and analyse various opportunities in the market and suggest the suitable preposition which helps your wealth to grow.

Grow : Your Wealth Manager spend time with you to understanding your current financial position and further to understand your long term and short term goals. After gathering the information he convert them into the real numbers and with due consideration of your risk appetite. Re-Consult Wealth manager do his thorough home work before providing the right solution and portfolio for you. Though our association with most reputed Mutual Funds Houses, you get the best performing scheme in every assets class i.e. Debt, equity, balanced, theme & index funds etc. For protection front we offer a wide range of pure term, endowment, market linked, health plans to suite your requirments. If it's estate planning or property transaction you're looking for, our real estate division you identifying and short-list properties after comparative analysis which fits your requirments.

Products Highlights for Personalized Wealth Management

> Mutual Funds

> Protection Plans – Life & General

> Health Insurance

> Real Estate Advisory Services

> Loans

Manage : Your investments need to keep up with the ever changing global economic environment. That's why our Relationship Managers and our team of financial experts, constantly monitor your investments to keep them on track to achieve your financial goals. We manage your wealth by offering the relevant advice to capitalise on opportunities available. Get prompt and comprehensive snapshots of your entire relationship with Re-Consult. Stay updated on the latest developments in global and domestic markets with research insights from Re-Consult Wealth Management. You get real time updates and in-depth research on high performing funds, Property market updates along with market information of various assets class. Our comprehensive research on financial markets, backed by our association with industry leader's qualitative and quantitative analysis, will help you make informed decisions on your investments.

Protect: Preserving your wealth through careful risk management is the cornerstone of our approach. Our Risk Managers work closely with your Relationship Manager to track the risks to your investments, and suggest suitable measures to mitigate it.

We measure your risk appetite and structure your investments before your funds are invested across different investment opportunities.
With Diversification strategy we suggest to you a range of products diversified across equity, debt and different asset classes to reduce the risk of your investments.

Retirement Planning
A successful wealth management strategy is one that not only provides for you and your family today, but also preserves your wealth so you can enjoy your retirement years tomorrow. Factors for Retirement Planning Your Current Life Style Desired Life Style Inflation Returns on Investments Current Age vs age of Retirement To ensure a financially secure retirement, our team of financial experts will recommend a tailor made strategy, specifically suiting your lifestyle. We closely look after the future income requirements with the inflation in consideration. We calculate the how much funds will be needed at the time of your retirement in consideration of your required life style so that you live financially worry free.

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